“Life is a work of art designed by the one who lives it.” ~ Unknown

Some might call life changes simply stages or transitions; in reality they are actually metamorphoses.  Every transformation requires courage, persistence, wisdom, faith, a sense of adventure, and a measure of humor. My excitement about life coaching is fueled by the recognition that in every stage of life each of us proceeds through our own metamorphosis.


Do you want to be a person who:

  • Possesses an appreciative sense of yourself, your strengths, and your talents
  • Negotiates the stages of adolescence, early adulthood, midlife, and your senior years with satisfaction, self- esteem and success
  • Plans and manages your life and your life demands efficiently
  • Enjoys a fulfilling career where you can invest your strengths and talents strategically to build success and satisfaction
  • Develops and applies effective organization and study skills to build success in high school, college, and graduate school
  • Surmounts the loss of an important relationship or career and is ready to carve out a new life
  • Communicates thoughtfully and successfully with your friends, coworkers, parents, partner, spouse, adolescent, adult and in-law children
  • Skillfully coaches your child with ADHD or learning difficulties to build self esteem and to acquire the tools for success and independence
  • Manages your own ADHD successfully and happily
  • Lives a balanced life with joy, excitement, well being and appreciation


Choose personal life coaching for transition and transformation.